Both personal and career coaching programs have the same setup. But the content is different of course...


Introductory meeting
I start with an introductory meeting with the (potential) client. The purpose of this meeting is to clarify the issue or question (Important, also, is to determine if the client’s question is appropriate for coaching.), describe my coaching style and methodology and agree mutual expectations. In the end, both parties must be confident in each other for a coaching program to succeed.

Interview with the client’s line manager
The next step is an interview with the 'client' together with his line manager. It is necessary for the manager and client to be on the same wavelength in terms of their expectations and the perceived benefits for the organization. It is also discussed how progress will be communicated to the manager. Based upon these discussions, I submit a quotation.

Coaching sessions
The next phase is 6 to 10 coaching sessions of one hour each. In most cases these will take place on-site or at another suitable location. The client often gets ‘homework’: with personal coaching this can be situations which are practised in the workplace, with career coaching this can be for example research into personal skills or the labour market. The results are discussed in the following session. Next to that, the client writes self-reflective reports of the sessions and there is regular contact via email.

The last session will always be about how the process has been perceived, whether the objectives have been achieved and how they can be sustained. Agreements can be made on a follow-up. To conclude the program, a final evaluation takes place with the client and his manager.