Career coaching is about evaluating your (work) life so far, making choices and taking steps. Of course, also behaviour plays a role in it and where necessary, I use my skills as a personal coach.


The picture below shows the overall path of a program:


The program consists of a sequence of three times exploring (diverging) and making choices (converging). The subjects that will be discussed are your personal life (who am I), your work life (what do I do) and your future (what do I want).


For the explorations we use exercises and dialogues. The end result of the program is a clear picture of who you are, what you have to offer, what you want and a plan to achieve this.


A career program can be useful if you're looking for new work and you notice that the labour market has changed significantly and you are competing with many others (time for a different approach). But also if you have a job and you're wondering whether it is time to take a next step in your career.