In recent years I have coached a number of people. I've seen people take important steps, adopt new behaviours and regain their strength, often as a clear outcome of the coaching program. This occurs because, if a person chooses to be coached, they are open to develop and grow, and coaching is simply the jump-start that they need.

Sometimes, clients provide very clear feedback on how my coaching has helped them:

My experience is that, sometimes, you need a mirror and expert help to resolve a problem, an ingrained habit or a twisted thought. Nico helped me to do this. In only a few sessions we already got good results. Obviously you have do it by yourself, but Nico’s help in this was very welcome.

You have shown me the way, helped me find myself again. You turned on the light so I could see where I was going, showed me where I took wrong turns and made me aware of how beautiful it is to walk my own path. Nico, thank you. My advice to anyone who wants to be more in touch with their true self. Coaching from Nico...Just do it!


Nico uses (in his role as coach) his natural talents to intuitively understand you and to confront you in his open manner with your pitfalls and weaknesses. Next you also get a strategy to cope with them.


To understand what really hinders you, you must get to the heart of the matter. Applying his talents, you succeed doing this together with Nico. He sees what is troubling you and exposes this without any judgement, makes it tangible and shows how you can deal with this. The great strength of this is that you do not have to search long for your pitfalls and weaknesses, instead you get useful guidelines to put into practice. Very efficient and effective.