Born in 1958, I left high school to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. Technical stuff was and remains one of my passions. After graduating I worked for several companies, always in technical environments. Over time, my focus and responsibilities shifted to project and people management, often with an international character.


The more I live the more interested in people I become. How people function in their work or private life, how they can become more effective, what their strengths are and how they can best use them. I noticed that my other passion was to coach people. Therefore, I decided to develop my skills and passions and followed the program Coaching for Professionals taught at the School voor Coaching, Leiden (NL). After completing this course I left Philips and started working as a self-employed independent coach.


As I was coaching more and more people on questions related to their career (amongst others at Lee Hecht Harrison), I followed in 2013 the program “De Nieuwe Loopbaanprofessional” of the “Europees Instituut”, part of “De Baak”. This program has given me more in-depth knowledge on people and careers.


Since 2015, I work as a manager at NTS Systems Development. Next to that, I am still active as a coach and run coaching programs.